A projector is an optical device that is used to project images or videos on a screen or wall which were developed for commercial, entertainment, and educational purposes. Basically the surface projected onto is flat, large and lightly colored.


Projectors are used in many areas such as :

  •  Education, in school as it is difficult for students to concentrate on listening and note simultaneously. So using projectors        becomes an interactive way to share the notes digitally and makes students more attentive.
  •  Business, as it provides a way for the company to save money on copies and handouts. Also business projectors are used        for visual presentations.
  •  Entertainment, as if big screen tv’s isn’t existing enough then home theater projectors can be used which gives a whole             new meaning to movies, T.V’s, and gaming.
  •  Projectors are used by the Non-government organisations (NGO) to share slides and videos with their audiences.
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