Healthcare industry also known as medical industry is the world’s largest industry in terms of revenue & employment as it provide goods and services to treat patients with curative and preventive care. This industry have evolved rapidly in many years. There are many such inventions and devices which helped in the growth of healthcare industry as these devices lead to reduce the workload and provides Return on investment (ROI).


Various display devices have been evolved during many years. These display devices are used to display the physiological data using the LCD, LED screens like the pulse rate, heart rates, respiratory readings.


The old Medical display devices were based on oscilloscopes that have only one channel which was reserved for ECG. So, different monitors have to be used, one for tracking the pulse rate another for blood pressure etc. So, various modern display devices have been introduced which can track many different vital signs at once.


Medical display devices are very useful in healthcare industry as:


  • Projectors helps in displaying small screen content on a larger screen for eg. X-ray in which we can clearly get information       about disease. It helps in easy discussion on medical cases among colleagues.
  • Monitors provide the patient’s treatment status as in ECG machine the monitor tracks the electrical activity of the heart           and records it on a moving paper or shows it as a moving line on a screen.
  • Monitors and projectors help in clear communication and interaction with the patients.
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